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Our Partnership

The Interface between Architecture and Building Technology
Our scope includes the creation of concepts for individual buildings or entire settlements, the complete planning of all necessary technical facilities as well as construction supervision. With such comprehensive planning we can guarantee our clients continuity and security in the realization of interdisciplinary concepts. In addition to the "classical" fields of building technology and mechanical engineering, our spectrum includes the planning of innovative energy systems with the use of regenerative fuel sources as well as ecological water concepts.

Our Know-how
  • Detailed analysis of building thermal performance, interior lighting conditions and air circulation in buildings with the aid of various simulation programs.
  • Support of architects in optimising designs and construction in regard to energy and comfort (low-energy/passive solar standard, daylight use, natural ventilation, passive cooling).

  • Controlling of planning and construction processes in regard to technical, economical and ecological aspects.
  • Comprehensive cost analysis of alternatives as the basis for decisions regarding systems and technology.
  • Calculation of balances for greenhouse potential and total costs (investment, running and maintainence costs) for alternative solutions as a basis for our clients’ decisions.
  • Design of energy supply systems for buildings and settlements with the use of innovative energy systems (solar technology, biomass, cogeneration, heat-driven sorption refrigeration systems (trigeneration), ground water cooling, earth heating and cooling).
  • The comprehensive realization of all phases of planning in order to develop and construct concepts of the highest quality and to set them into efficient use.